Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

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1. How can I place an order?

All a new customer needs to do is complete the order form with the necessary requirements. Let us know how many pages you need to get in your homework, what topic you want to write about, and mention other assignment details such as format and amount of cited sources. Once you send us these details, we’ll find an expert for your order shortly.

2. Is it OK to ask for help with my assignment?

Yes, it is great to request homework assistance online because you can get a valuable sample in any field of study. Use it as an inspirational source to increase your knowledge on tough subjects. Moreover, teachers can’t help each student individually, so it is beneficial to have someone like us on hand!

3. Can you help me with online tests?

No, we don’t solve multiple-choice tests or other assignments with checkboxes. When you try to pass a test with others’ help, consider that you can put your grade at risk. Moreover, by giving access to any online test, you share your personal information, which is highly discouraged at our service. 

4. Is my homework plagiarized?

No, we process every order from scratch. Even if your topic is similar to another order, we will never rely on it and write a totally new project. There is no database of previously completed homework samples on our website, so your assignment will be original. To feel safe, you can always use our plagiarism checking tool to detect unoriginal content and ask for a revision if needed. 

5. What can I do if I don’t like my homework?

It may happen that a student isn’t satisfied with the assignment sample they get. If you face this issue, please, don’t worry! In this case, you can request a refund or ask your expert to improve your homework sample. Remember, we are ready to do everything possible so you can stay happy with our cooperation. 

6. Can I download an editable document format?

Yes, we can send you printable and editable homework samples in such popular document formats as .DOC or .PDF. You can get it only after accepting the order preview from your expert on the personal account page. Then you can download the Microsoft Word document and do what you like with it.

7. What can I do if I forgot the password to my account?

When students place an order on our website for the first time, they should create a password for their account. It happens that students forget their passwords, so we have the solution. Click the Forgot password link on the login form to get recovery instructions on your email. Come up with a new password, follow the activation link in the email, and update your access to the personal account.

8. When will my homework be ready?

After our customers set a deadline in their order instructions, we follow them strictly. So, we can do it even earlier if our expert isn’t overloaded. When you set a deadline by which you want us to finish your order, remember the factors that affect the length of the order process. It depends on the number of pages, the topic’s complexity, and amount of cited sources. Still, our experts provide urgent delivery while working on a one-page homework assignment for a minimum of four hours. 

9. Should I pay for assignment revisions?

No, we let our customers ask for a project revision for free. Please, don’t hesitate to contact your writer if you find something in your assignment sample that doesn’t match your expectations. If there is enough time before the order’s deadline, you can even ask your teacher for suggestions, inform your writer about it, and we’ll rewrite a fixed project sample according to your own needs in class.

10. How will you choose an expert for me?

We select a specialist for your homework based on your order requirements. Therefore, we encourage you to include as many details as possible in the order form to find the best matching specialist to solve your assignment. Depending on experts’ availability and how completely you filled the order form, it can take several hours to a couple of days, so make sure you are specific in your order instructions.

11. Can I be sure of my privacy safety while cooperating with your service?

Yes, we are on the guard of your confidentiality so you can freely ask for assignment writing help. At our service, you don’t need to answer redundant questions concerning your full name, school address, or other things that are entirely personal. Instead, you will be protected during the cooperation process because using our service is fully confidential.

12. Who will do my homework for me?

At our service, you will meet hundreds of experts from various fields of study. Every specialist provides a completion certificate on a related degree and demonstrates strong writing skills before cooperating with students on our website. Indeed, when you place an order, we choose the expert who fits your requirements the best.

13. How will I pay for my homework?

There are several safe payment methods on our website so that you can choose a reliable payment system comfortable for you. We don’t charge extra fees, so you will not find hidden payments in your receipt. Moreover, if you want to plan your budget, you can find out the cost of your order on our online calculator.